Tessa Tax specializes in helping small businesses, artists and individuals around the US. Our services include taxes, payroll and accounting.

Photo by Rebecca Clair.

Tessa Allen has been preparing taxes since 2009. She started Tessa Tax in 2011 and is a federally recognized Enrolled Agent, earning the privilege to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.

When she’s not doing taxes, she’s a mom and plays rock and roll in a band with her husband. She understands how to help musicians, artists, and small business owners figure out what they need to keep track of and how to best approach their business endeavors.

Her birthday is on April 15th, so we guess she was born to do this…

Photo by Rebecca Clair.

Nate Allen is our office manager. He’s often your first point of contact at Tessa Tax. He handles collecting your information, setting up appointments, our IT and marketing. He has a bachelor’s degree in business.